Covid 19 illustration

How does your health insurance cover for COVID-19?

Your Cigna health insurance covers treatment for COVID-19 in the same way as for any other illness. You are thus covered for hospitalisation or hospital treatment as a daypatient, as well as for outpatient treatment and doctor visits if you have the optional cover for outpatient treatment; International Outpatient.

Tests and vaccination:

Tests for COVID-19 are also covered by your insurance if you have chosen coverage for Outpatient treatment and show symptoms of COVID-19. You must have a pre-approval before Cigna delivers a test. Tests for COVID-19 are covered if medically necessary.

Treatment capacity

If a situation arises where there is no treatment capacity in the country where you are located, you will be covered for medical transport to the nearest suitable place of treatment abroad, if you have the optional coverage International Evacuation and Crisis Assistance Plus.

If you have any questions about how you are covered for COVID-19 on your insurance or anything else, you are always welcome to contact us.

Call Cigna 24/7 to get medical attention

If you need medical attention, you can call Cigna's 24-hour customer service by phone: +44 1475 788 182. Cigna will help find the best treatment for you. If you are acutely or seriously ill, call the emergency number in the country where you are located.

If you are in an emergency and you can not call Cigna before treatment is administered, contact Cigna's customer service as soon as possible within the next 48 hours.

If you need to be able to document that you are insured against infection with COVID-19, insurance from Cigna should provide sufficient documentation. This may be relevant when entering a country where you are not covered by public health insurance or by the blue EU health insurance card, or if you are not covered by the public health care system in your country of residence. 

Talk to a doctor via the Cigna Wellbeing App

As a customer with us, you have the opportunity to talk to a doctor via your Cigna Wellbeing App. If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19, you can schedule a consultation by phone or video via the app. You can contact Cigna directly via the app or by logging in to your online Customer Area.