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Health Insurance Instantly

As pioneers and the only provider in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries, we provide an international health insurance policy with local cooperation and knowledge of hospitals, doctors and clinics worldwide.

Our goal is to ensure that every illness is met with the best possible treatment the world has to offer.

Our story

In 2015, Martin and Erling founded Health Insurance Instantly with the aim of providing reliable and comprehensive health insurance to expats and their families instantly and easily. Their goal was to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for expats, who often face unique challenges when living abroad.

We collaborate with healthcare professionals and insurance providers and have built a network of partners to deliver the best possible products and services.

A significant need for health insurance emerged among Danes in Denmark. Martin and Erling wanted to bring the same reliable and comprehensive coverage to their home country and help Danes access quality treatment and healthcare without being limited by waiting lists, outdated equipment, or borders.

Today, Health Insurance Instantly is a leading health insurance provider serving expats, global, Swedish and Danish citizens. We are proud of our journey and ability to make a difference in people's lives by ensuring they have access to some of the best possible healthcare and protection the world can offer.

Our vision of contributing to a safer and healthier life for expats and local citizens remains our primary driving force, and we always strive to deliver excellent service and reliable security and protection.

Today, Health Insurance Instantly is led by our founders, partners and valued employees. We work with a wide range of partners worldwide, all operated from our central office in Copenhagen.

Our global partners

We have chosen to collaborate with Cigna and offer their broadly covered international insurance, thereby providing our customers with the best coverage on the market. With comprehensive and international coverage, Cigna fits well with our vision. Learn more about Cigna and our partnership here.

Who are we?

Martin von Kiær

Founder & CEO

As the visionary founder of Health Insurance Instantly, Martin strives to make high-quality medical treatment available to everyone, regardless of where they are in the world.

With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Martin's expertise and MBA education have enabled him to focus on health insurance, both domestically and internationally.

Erling Koch-Nielsen

Co-founder & COO

Together with Martin, Erling founded the company, has worked for many years with risk analyses and information, and, among other things, built a risk database and portal used in the Europæiske Rejseforsikring group.

Erling has a master's degree in history and social studies and MA in history.


Niels Grosen

Partner & Business Development Director

Niels is a partner in the company and primarily responsible for development activities – both on the product, customer and market side.

Niels has more than 10 years of experience in insurance, several years' experience from both B2C and B2B environments in the Nordic markets, and is educated with an MBA.

Andreas Aagaard

Content & Marketing Manager

Andreas is responsible for maintaining and enhancing our website, social media, and other platforms. He's also deeply involved in planning our range of marketing activities, graphic design and content.

With his bachelor's degree in international sales and marketing, Andreas brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Fredrik Kjellström

Sales Development Manager

As the head of sales and development in Sweden, Fredrik brings over 15 years of expertise in the fields of life, investment, and insurance.

With a background in business, business development, and insurance, he has successfully led and developed companies in Sweden through product innovation, strategic planning, and growth.