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Is your business vulnerable to the threat of illness?

The absence of key personnel is catastrophic. But don't worry, we're here to help when sickness strikes.

Did you know that a CEO who is hospitalized for 10 days on average results in a 4% decrease in operating profit? And the risk of that CEO being replaced increases by 15%?

Our Health Insurance picks up where regular insurance leaves off.

The best insurance for your business

Your comprehensive alternative to regular insurance

With our health insurance, you are also covered for:

  • Heart and lung diseases
  • Cancer treatment
  • Prescriptions medicine
  • Specialists without referral
  • Private room with hospitalisation

While many companies focus on protecting their operations and results from things like emergencies, hacking, currency fluctuations, or IT system failures, what happens when one of your most valuable assets - your employees - falls ill?

With a health insurance policy from Health Insurance Instantly, both your company and your employees can achieve the highest level of security and peace of mind.

We're the only provider in Denmark that offer access to leading hospitals and clinics both locally and internationally.

Achieve optimal peace of mind

Freedom of choice

Avoid waiting times and get the best possible treatment for you fast.

Only the best

Attract and retain the best employees with a unique benefit.

Risk management

Protect the company - the absence of management and key people can be disastrous