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Securing your business, the best way possible

We know that having key staff on sick leave can be catastrophic, and while we cannot prevent serious illness, we can help when it strikes.

Is your company at risk of "getting ill"?

Many companies use resources to safeguard operations and business performance against risks like fire, hacker attacks, currency fluctuations, or breakdowns in IT systems. But what do you do if one of your most important resources, the employees, are affected by illness?

With a Health Insurance from us, you receive the best possible safety for your company and your employees.

The choice is yours. Health Insurance from Health Insurance Instantly also provides cover when the traditional top-up insurance (“Sundhedsforsikring”) does not.

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Your comprehensive alternative to traditional top-up insurance (“Sundhedsforsikring”)

As the only ones we cover:
Heart and lung diseases
Cancer treatment
 Specialist consultations without referral
 Private room in case of hospitalization
 Prescription drugs
and much more...

These areas are not covered by traditional top-up insurances - ours does cover these and much more. And you are free to choose your place of treatment without the requirement for a referral. That way your access to treatment is as fast as possible.

With our insurance, you are covered like nowhere else.

Freedom of choice

Avoid waiting times and get the best possible treatment for you fast.

Only the best

Attract and retain the best employees with a unique benefit.

Risk management

Protect the company - the absence of management and key people can be disastrous

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Do you already have traditional top-up insurance (“Sundhedsforsikring”)?

You may already have a traditional top-up insurance policy (“Sundhedsforsikring”) today without being fully aware of its covers and limitations. We have teamed up with an impartial third party company, that compares available health insurance  based on policies and coverage. Get a broad comparison of how Health Insurance Instantly covers compared to the products from the main companies in traditional top-up insurance. You can have a look yourself and talk to an advisor about the best solution for you.

Get a free comparison from an impartial third party

We are so confident that our insurance is significantly better than the rest of the market that we offer you a free comparison made by an independent third party. This will offer you a detailed comparison of your current top-up insurance with our Health Insurance, enabling you to spot the differences clearly. This will allow you to make an informed decision on whether to stay with your current insurance or upgrade.

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Did you know that...
A CEO hospitalized for 10 days causes a 4% drop in operating profit on average? And that the risk of the CEO being subsequently replaced increases by 15%?

  • 73% of the cases the top-up insurance handles are either psychologist, or physiotherapy/chiropractor?
  • Health Insurance Instantly is the only company that allows you to choose cancer treatment abroad?
  • Only Health Insurance Instantly gives you access to preventive screenings for e.g. cancer?

Make the right investment in the health of your employees

With a full-fledged Health Insurance from Health Insurance Instantly, you and your employees obtain a far higher level of security than offered by any of the existing providers in the market. We are the sole provider in Denmark offering access to leading medical providers both nationally and internationally. You are therefore guaranteed access to the best treatment possible - even if it is available in, for example, The Netherlands, Germany or Switzerland.

Eyr læge via mobil 1-2-1

Doctor via your mobile - New benefit included in your Health Insurance

With our brand new feature, all customers get access to Doctor via mobile, provided by Eyr Medical. This allows you to book a medical consultation, just like with your own GP. The doctors at Eyr Medical can help with symptoms, prescriptions, and referrals.

With Doctor via mobile, you can have medical consultations from the couch, office or during a trip at no extra cost. Short waiting times and opening hours on weekdays from 08-22 and 10-22 during weekends mean that you can always find time for medical consultation when it suits you.

How does it work?

Our insurance works without any requirement that you use the public health system in Denmark. This means that you do not need a referral from your own GP to e.g. see a specialist. Of course, you still have access to your GP and the rest of the public healthcare system – there's just no requirement for you to use it; it's your free choice.

You can choose to insure all the company's employees or choose to insure selected key people only. Our insurance is not a "one size fits all" – therefore, your cover is tailored according to your specific needs. Deductibles, coverage for preventive health examinations and screenings, and prescription medicines – or only cover for hospitalization and operations? Our insurance is tailored according to your wishes and needs – and naturally we can advise and guide you to the right fit.

International expertise available

With the option of examination and treatment not only in the public health care system in Denmark, but also in private hospitals and clinics in Denmark and abroad, you will receive both diagnosis and the best possible treatment available faster, for any given disease.

The best choice for your employees

Health Insurance Instantly covers much wider than traditional top-up insurance (“Sundhedsforsikring”), including, for example, serious and chronic diseases, preventive examinations and screenings, and a free choice of treatment internationally. All areas where top-up insurance has no or very limited coverage.

A class of its own

With health insurance from Health Insurance Instantly, you get coverage in a class of its own. In many minor cases, such as physiotherapy, chiropractic care or consultation with a specialist, you do not even need to contact us before you start your treatment – if you need assistance to find the right professional, we are of course always ready to help.

In more serious cases the vast network of Cigna comes into its own. We help you find out where the waiting time is shortest and where the best treatment for you is. We present you with the relevant treatment options locally and abroad – and let you choose where you want to be treated.

Cigna Billede1-1

Strong backing

We have chosen to cooperate with Cigna, one of the world's leading companies in health insurance, and a company focusing only on this area. Cigna has its origins in the United States but is now a global company with local branches in many countries.

Cigna currently serves more than 50 million customers and ranks 13th on the 2020 edition of the Fortune 500. With a global network of hospitals, clinics and doctors, Cigna customers are guaranteed access to the best expertise, regardless of their need or location.