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We provide personal assistance to any of our customers so they can choose the correct plan for their needs and budget.

Affordable health insurance plans

For yourself, your loved ones, or your business.

Most are unaware of what their current health insurance covers and what it does and does not cover.

An international health insurance plan serves as your safety net, providing peace of mind with access to the best specialists and quick diagnosis and treatment both locally and globally.

Truly global health care - for your whole health

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What our customers say

When I chose to assemble my health insurance through Health Insurance Instantly, my top priority was a seamless and effortless buying process - even when providing my medical information.

Now, I have a health insurance plan that fits both my needs and my budget, leaving me feeling secure and confident in the knowledge that I am in good hands. With quick access to necessary treatment, I never have to worry about my health again.


The employee was incredibly helpful and patient, guiding me towards the perfect solution and providing me with material to review at my leisure. They even promised to follow up with me next week.


When purchasing insurance, I received a thorough walkthrough with explanations and options, all while experiencing excellent customer service. The fact that you were able to meet my needs on top of that is just an added bonus.


Extremely friendly, accommodating, and helped me with everything I needed. Truly a delightful experience.


I had an absolutely fantastic conversation with a friendly staff member who provided me with valuable information and speedy service.


I received incredibly helpful and precise guidance, which has been of immense importance to me.


I encountered remarkable comprehension of my request and a willingness to assist in explaining and comparing options.