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Can I get treatment anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can. With "Worldwide including USA" you can get treatment anywhere in the world. If you choose "Worldwide excluding USA" you can get treatment anywhere except for in the USA.

In case we approve a treatment, but the insured beneficiary subsequently decides to receive treatment outside the Cigna network, we will always deduct 20% from any payments for said treatment. However, this will not be applied in cases where treatment within the network is not reasonably possible. 

How do I contact Cigna?

If you need to talk about a treatment plan you should contact Cigna Customer service who can forward your call to the right Cigna health personnel.

Email: cignaglobal_customer.care@cigna.com.
Phone: +44 (0) 1475 788 182

How do I access treatment?

Call our Cigna Customer service when you need treatment. They can help you plan your treatment, advise you and save you time by finding the right doctor, clinic or hospital for your needs.

In cases where it is not practical or possible to contact us prior for approval prior to treatment, you should contact us within 48 hours after treatment has been applied so that we can confirm whether the treatment is covered and arrange payment.

How do I find the nearest hospital, clinic or doctor?

In your online Customer Area, you can search for hospitals, clinics and doctors. Simply enter your zip code and the distance you are willing to travel, and you will see the available medical experts. Alternatively, you can call our customer service team.

What is my online Customer Area?

As a Cigna customer, you have access to a wide range of information through your online Customer Area, accessible anywhere. Here you can manage your policy, see documents, make use of your insurance, search for health facilities and personnel. Everything online or from the app.

Do I have to pay for treatment in advance?

Where it is possible, we will arrange to pay for your visits to hospitals, clinics or doctors directly. If you have chosen a deductible, this has to be paid. In some cases, it will be necessary for you to pay in advance. In these cases, we will compensate you within 5 business days. 

How do I file a claim?

If you have paid for your treatment yourself, you can send us your invoice and claim information using one of the following methods.

Please state your policy number in all documentation:

Online Customer Area

or by email: cignaglobal_customer.care@cigna.com

We strive to process your claim within 5 working days upon receipt of all necessary documentation.

What currency will my claim be reimbursed in, and how long will it take?

You can choose to be reimbursed in more than 135 currencies. We strive to process your claim within 5 working days upon receipt of all necessary documentation.

How do deductibles work?

Your deductible is the amount you pay for your treatment or any other use of your insurance. For example, if you choose a deductible of €250, you must pay the first €250 of a covered claim or covered claims in any coverage period directly to your hospital, clinic or doctor at the time of treatment. If your treatment costs are €500, you will have to pay €250 and we will pay the remaining €250 of the costs covered.

If a deductible is chosen, you only have to pay it once during a coverage period regardless of the number of claims.

Will pre-existing conditions be covered?

If you have sought counselling or experienced symptoms before the start date of your coverage - whether you have been diagnosed or not - we may decide to add special exemptions for your coverage. It is an individual assessment of your situation. It is therefore important that you complete the medical questionnaire as accurately as possible when applying. 

If you have a chronic illness, you can get medical help to maintain your health and wellbeing.

Am I covered for dental treatment?

Our health insurance covers core benefits such as acute dental treatment due to an accident. Any dental treatment resulting from an accident is covered.

With our International Dental & Vision optional supplementary cover, you can get access to a wide variety of preventive, routine treatments including major orthodontic treatment and more.

Am I covered for outpatient treatment?

The International Health Insurance policy covers you for selected outpatient costs such as fees for treatment rooms, surgery and anesthesia costs, advanced imaging, cancer and mental health care.

With the International Outpatient optional supplementary cover, you are more comprehensively covered for outpatient care and medical emergencies that may arise where a hospitalisation such as daypatient or inpatient is not required. This also covers consultations with specialists and doctors, prescribed outpatient medicine and dressings, prenatal and postnatal outpatient care, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and much more.

Does my Cigna ID card provide a guarantee of cover?

No, you Cigna ID card is a form of identification and does not have any capabilities of payment. Call Customer service when you need treatment. We will provide payment for your hospital, clinic or doctors fees when possible.

Who should I contact regarding my payment?

If you have questions regarding payment, our Customer service are happy to help. You can reach them by

Email: cignaglobal_customer.care@cigna.com

Or call: +44 (0) 1475 788 182

Who will pay for my transportation to a hospital, clinic or doctor abroad?

If you wish to receive treatment somewhere else than your country of residence, you will have to pay for transportation yourself. Your accommodation at the hospital and some living costs are covered.

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