Payment instructions for your Cigna Health insurance

We are happy to have you as a customer with us at Health Insurance Instantly. To make it as easy as possible, we have put together a guide on how to complete your payment.

This is how you pay for the insurance 

You can choose to pay by credit card or by bank transfer. Your payment can be made annually or monthly. If you want to pay monthly, it requires the use of a credit card. Annual payments can be made by either credit card or by bank transfer.

If you pay by credit card:

To complete your payment, you have to fill out the required fields.

Please confirm whether the policyholder's own payment card is used.

If not, fill in your relation to the policyholder, date of birth and nationality.

  • Select type of card
  • Enter card number
  • Enter cardholder first name
  • Enter cardholder last name
  • Enter name as it appears on the card
  • Enter expiry date and year
  • Enter security number (3-4 digits on the backside of the card)

Credit card authorization

When using your credit card, you give Cigna your permission to debit your credit/debit card account the premium of your health insurance (which you will be notified of upon acceptance of coverage/renewal). This will continue until this instruction is cancelled and you give Cigna a written notice in accordance with your policy terms. You accept that your credit card data is processed outside the EEA by the banks that serve the credit card payment.

If you pay by bank transfer:

Please use the following information to transfer the full amount.

You must specify the reference-number you have been provided (e.g.. QNA1234567)

Account name: 

Cigna Life Europe SA NV EUR

Account number

12703831 (Use the account number for all transfers)

IBAN number:



CITIGB2L, Department 600

Bank name and adresse

Citibank N.A.

Citigroup Center 1, 13th floor, Mail Drop 13-04, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LB, United Kingdom

Sort code = registration number of an English bank.

Fraud notice

Any person who dishonestly submits an application for insurance or a claim under an insurance policy, containing information which they know to be false or misleading; or who, by filing an application for insurance or claims under a policy, dishonestly fails to disclose information requested, may commit fraud. We investigate any claims or applications for insurance that we have reason to believe may be false. Committing fraud can result in your policy being revoked and any claims you make not being paid. For the purpose of detecting and preventing fraud, we may share information on suspected fraud with other insurance companies and/or with law enforcement agencies.

Which types of payment can I use?

We accept most larger credit and debit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Maestro and direct bank transfers. 

When will my policy take effect?

You are covered as soon as we have received payment and per the data of effect, you have chosen. You will receive written confirmation on your policy as soon as the payment is made. 

When do I have to pay?

Payment is due at the start of your policy. When you complete your policy, you will be asked to fill out your payment information before submitting it.

Can I split the payment?

Yes, you can choose to pay yearly, quarter yearly or monthly. If you wish to split up your payment, a credit card is needed.

Need assistance?

You are welcome to contact us, if you need help or have any questions regarding your payment.